By acquiring the rights to the content and brands of leading players, teams, streamers, and other Esports talent, Gamesquare takes a strategic approach to media that capitalizes on the new trends in the entertainment industry, as opposed to sustaining the ways of doing business that were once common in the era of television. By both running a production studio as well as operating networks, we are able to deliver the most relevant content to viewers without the limitations of the studio and network functions being separate from one another. Further, by owning the rights to the teams and personalities that generate content, there are virtually no constraints on Gamesquare’s creativity, thus enabling the creation of superior content. Furthermore, this “hybrid” model saves on production timelines and costs, thus generating higher shareholder value.


The Esports industry has received significant attention recently, due to its continued growth. As some examples, Logitech CEO Bracken Darrell predicts that Esports will soon be in the Olympics1, and the International Olympic Committee confirmed that this was possible as long as it adhered to Olympic values2.

Our focus is on interactive media channels that garner high levels of engagement from Esports fans around the world. These include Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Huya, and channels that are accessed through any smart device worldwide including smartphones, tablets, and Smart TV.

About Gamesquare’s Production Studio

Whether for movies or shows, there are three key responsibilities of a production studio; formulating storylines, putting them to film, and finalizing a deliverable feature that can be shown to an audience. This can be described as the “middle 80%” of the development of a show or movie, with 10% at the beginning being the “idea” phase, and 10% at the end being the “distribution” phase. The production studio will take an idea for original content, and bring it to life.

Production studios are resource-intensive, as they require physical studio space, professional-grade equipment and software, as well as a full staff that includes camera operators, wardrobe/makeup personnel, technicians, legal counsel, and video production experts. Moreover, all of these resources must be suitable to the type of content being produced, as production styles will naturally differ from one genre to another.

Gamesquare’s production studio is geared towards Esports, and this is important for two reasons:

01 Production Quality

Production Quality – To correctly balance in-game content with the facial expressions of each player, along with any corresponding content such as footage of commentators, is a task not typically seen in other forms of media. Aside from combining these things smoothly, there can also be intellectual property considerations with regard to the streaming of in-game content. Gamesquare is familiar with all aspects of this type of production, and its team has the capability to ensure that all content it produces is of the highest quality.

02 Multilingual Compatibility

Multilingual Compatibility – With Esports having a global audience, it is critical to ensure that all content produced can be enjoyed by all of those to whom it is relevant. Currently, this is done using methods such as subtitles; though these often leave out many parts of the Esports watching experience, especially if the subtitles are automatically generated. To put the need for multilingual compatibility into perspective, Chinese streaming platform Huya raised USD $180 MM in a 2018 IPO, underwritten by Goldman Sachs, UBS, and Credit Suisse1. With this in mind, Gamesquare is conscious of the need to produce content that can be enjoyed in any language. As such, our workflows are designed to maximize the output of our production work to ensure multilingual compatibility.

About Gamesquare’s Networks

Gamesquare operates several different networks, each with its own theme. These themes include specific video game titles, styles of play (e.g. tournaments, highlights), and content types (e.g. in-game, instructional). Gamesquare is positioned advantageously to operate these networks, as it is able to distribute content from the teams and personalities that it owns the rights to, in addition to content from external producers.

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With a roster of leading Esports streamers, players, and teams, Gamesquare has a broad selection of relevant and entertaining talent with whom content can be produced by Gamesquare’s studio.